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Chandlee Bryan


Great observations. I completely agree with you with respect to the Obama campaign's consistent and effective use of brand management. I was in a small town in New Hampshire (a swing state) at the beginning of election day and noted several strategies that I think can also be transferrable to the job search:

1. Visibility. One technique the Obama campaign used was to place flyers saying "Vote Obama Today" on cars throughout the area. The flyers could then be hung from rear view mirrors when the car was parked.

Similar strategy for career visibility for entry to mid-level job seekers: Personal Branding cards that you can order through

2. Rapid Acknowledgement: I was standing next to an Obama campaign volunteer at a party. Prior to his acceptance speech, she received a text from then Senator Obama saying "I wanted to thank you before making my acceptance speech."

Job search strategy: When you've made career headway, let others who've helped you along the way know as well. Gratitude is contagious. And with that, thanks for all the advice you have shared with me in my work with emerging professionals.

All the Best,
Chandlee Bryan

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