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What is the chief roadblock to your continued career clout? Do you have trouble breaking through to key decision-makers? Have you lost ground to your competition in securing a star-power, career-making opportunity? Did you squander too much time by shopping around an executive resume that is no match to your original thought leadership and unique business value?

I coach, brand and write for leaders who want to accelerate their reach into the C-Suite, and claim a Director or Advisor Seat in the boardroom. I help executives, managers, change makers, entrepreneurs, thinkers and stakeholders deepen their career footprints with high-level executive coaching and distinctive, sophisticated business products.

Developing and leveraging a leadership brand to secure a C-Suite opportunity is foundational.

Communicating your brand with a next-generation set of career materials is essential.

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Executive Coaching, Leadership Branding and Content Creation services are comprehensive, targeted and durable. I can help you craft a really smart strategy, stay focused and accountable and execute a robust plan that gets you “unstuck” immediately. I serve as your personal, one-on-one Executive Coach, Chief Branding and Chief Communications Officer.

Some highlights …

Executive Coaching

I coach executives to identify  career challenges, reduce issues, explore opportunities and build strategies to manage career and business growth.

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Leadership Branding

I help business leaders sharpen their capacity to persuade, lead and distinguish a personal leadership brand as industry influentials.

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A credible, core leadership message will raise visibility, showcase broad value and express a highly defined business vision that frames success.

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CEOs who have been coached command better compensation, exceed performance expectations, negotiate from strength, navigate politics with ease and lead companies on a growth path.

I have worked extensively with corporate leaders of major-market public and private companies, chiefs of middle-market firms, founders and principals of smaller start-ups looking to grow, Board Directors/ Advisors, consultants and executive managers changing to entrepreneurship.

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Body of Work: Highlights

Published work represents client engagements and a deep understanding of multiple business segments, including Financial Services; Law, Public Service & Policy; Health Sciences & Medicine; Manufacturing & Marketing; Technology; Consumer Products; Media & Entertainment.

Exclusive Program for CEOs & Board Directors


As your Executive Coach, I customize a durable strategy that focuses on specific needs. I address issues and challenges of the C-Suite and boardroom that are both universal and unique to your industry or position. The spine of my executive coaching framework is aligned with accelerated attention in the market, improved performance and assessment of opportunities. The plan we execute together bridges your current status–“Act II or Act III”–to a post-corporate career. You still get to keep or pursue a seat at the table, impact a firm’s direction and profit financially. Lead everywhere. Transform your legacy. Raise visibility. Benefit from a sounding board.

Branding and Writing: Complementing my Executive Coaching partnership is an Executive Resume Portfolio. It’s an elastic communications tool that helps you control your career, client deals and secure a board director or advisor seat. This is more than a market-making executive resume. At the hub is a leadership message in a product that serves multiple purposes and users: high-end executive recruiters; influential members of your network; media requests; dealmakers looking for executive talent; internal opportunities to take on bigger roles. Each component is branded with your unique voice.

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Break Through

by Phyllis Shabad, Coach for Your Seat at the Table

Play the brief audio clip above to gain some quick insight on how to start your career journey! It’s never a straight line to success, but you can meet your goals with a time-sensitive plan.